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Millennial Careers: Starting Over Again

Millennial Careers: Starting Over Again

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The day you started over was the hardest day of the rest of your life. I know this by experience since changing jobs; it was not as easy as I had originally thought. 

When you’re a child, you think quitting is the most natural thing in the world. You say you want out and you live in another city and take on a whole new job. As an adult, quitting a job can be a little more tricky. Let me tell you my story first so you can get a better understanding.

I was working as a receptionist at a hotel for 18 months. Besides enriching foreign languages, knowledge, and cultural information, the benefits weren’t much. In the few last months, I was merely hating going there for work. I had 12-hour shifts, and I hated every hour! My colleagues, my boss, the routine, the silly rules, just everything bothered me! Every night when I went home, I found myself searching for a new job. I was stressed and always furious; I would burst into crying from silly things. I just wasn't happy at all.

One day, at work, I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone when I ran into an ad saying that they look for English writers with fluent knowledge. I applied, and in few moments I was called. I set an interview and already knew something is going to change for better. 

With my heart in my hands, nervous, yet excited, I went to the job interview hoping that this would change my life. My knees were trembling and I forgot who I was. When I got inside the blue building, one young guy met me and took me inside. I felt so relaxed talking to like I knew him for years. He asked me to write an email and gave me few instructions. I wrote it; he said it’s okay and I will get the answer in few days. 

He said I should call him if he forgets to reach me in two weeks. And so I waited for two weeks. I was sure he didn’t like my writing fashion. I was so sad that I didn’t get this part-time job. 

Another day at work, I decided to call him to touch base. He told me he will call me in two days because. they haven't chosen a new candidate yet.

 I got the answer: IT WAS YES! I had gotten the job! I was on the edge of starting a new life. After the weekend I started working at this part-time job, (besides my day job), and let me tell you; it was tiring, very time consuming, BUT it was the step in the right direction.

The company was AMAZING, the colleagues were great, and my new boss was an awesome guy. After Christmas, I was asked to come fulltime. This was the long-awaited moment. 

My receptionist colleagues were so sad to see me go, but I just couldn't do it anymore. It was time for me to make a move and for me to be happy. I was worried to leave all my favorite clients, all those English speaking opportunities, but I wanted to advance in my career and to be appreciated for my work. I wanted more from life, and I deserved it! 

Change is difficult and more times than we like to admit, well resist it. It's so much easier to just stick with a routine that you know, even if it's making you unhappy. Here's some advice: STOP DOING THAT! **I know, easier said than done!

Break the chains, the rules, the habit, the bad habit! Break free and create another template for your life! You're bound to nothing, or to anyone! If someone thinks less of you, show them they’re wrong! You can do a lot more! You are a lot more than they think! #GirlPower

Starting over means breaking yourself into small pieces and then rebuilding yourself. It’s hard and painful. It takes time, and the first feeling is to regret breaking the habit. In time you will thank yourself for getting free. You need time, patience, ambition, perseverance, people, love, support, and good advice from people who care about you.

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