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10 Holiday Gifts For Your Man

10 Holiday Gifts For Your Man

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I cannot believe that the holidays are RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Every year, I always say, “Right after Halloween, I’m going to start my Christmas shopping.” And then every year, I’m out on Christmas Eve scrambling around like a nut trying to find everyone on my list the perfect gift. 

We, women, are pretty simple to buy for. As long as it doesn’t have anything to do with cooking or cleaning, we’re happy!

Shopping for a guy though - UGH! This a task all on its own. Why is it always such a challenge to find the perfect for HIM? Year after year though, I have come to realize that sticking to the basics and buying presents that men typically won’t buy themselves is the best way to go. 

I have compiled a list of 10  gifts that are sure to “WOW” the men in your life! Enjoy and Happy Holidays! 


Make sure the next time you plan a date night with your man he shows up on time and in style with a smartwatch! You can always opt to get one from Apple or Samsung, but if you wish to get a little fancier, many designers are now carrying their own brands that are compatible with these phones! 

Personalized Watch Box
It only makes sense if you’re going to get him that amazing new smartwatch! It’s simple, budget-friendly, and it will help him to stay organized! Your dresser, sanity, and OCD will thank you later! 

Personalized Wallets
I don’t know about your guy, but mine is always needing a new wallet (mainly because our pup likes to get a hold of it). This year, I’m thinking about getting him a personalized wallet, not only because he needs one, but because I can have his initials engraved on it AND a cute little message inside (that only he will see). This is also a great gift for a dad and grand-dad as well! 

Tickets To A Sporting Event
Is there a guy in your life who is OBSESSED with sports? Baseball, football, hockey, or basketball? Surprising him with tickets to see his all-time favorite team will surely score you some brownie points. If you want to make that smile of his even bigger, maybe get another ticket for his guy friend so he can have a night out with the boys! Bonus points - now you just earned yourself a night out with the girls. 

Power Tools
Nothing makes a man feel more manly than when he is fixing something around the house. Keep his toolbox in check by adding to it every so often. You’d be surprised, but power tools are pretty expensive and they may not be something that he’ll buy for himself on a whim. Ladies, if you want to do something for yourself, here’s a tip: Break things around the house, turn the heat up REALLY high, and ask your husband to get to fixin’. He’ll break a sweat and start stripping. It’s a win/win. 

Beard Grooming & Shaving Kit
Yes, we all love the beard! BUT, there are times when it needs a little maintenance. Every bearded man deserves his own grooming kit! They’re very inexpensive and again, it will help him to stay organized all the while looking dapper for you! 

Yes, SLIPPERS! My husband has a pair that he absolutely LOVES to wear around the house. He actually mentioned the other day that he needs a new pair, so you can guess what he’s getting! But really, who doesn’t love a nice pair of warm, fuzzy slippers after a long day’s work on a chilly winter night? 

Gym Bag
I was actually browsing earlier today and I saw a gym bag that Nike makes and it is AWESOME! Not only does it have a ton of expandable zippers, but it also comes with a SHOE compartment! This is perfect for the guy who goes right from work to the gym. 

Gym Clothes
I love a guy who dresses nicely, but for some reason, gym clothing just looks so sexy on a guy. If you’re going to buy the gym bag, you might as well spoil him and get some clothing to go in it. Hell, you might as well get a water bottle too! 

Gift Cards
And for the man who has it all, a simple Visa Gift Card works! That way they can go out and buy themselves somethin’ pretty! 

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