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How I Kick My Anxiety's Ass

How I Kick My Anxiety's Ass

***WRITERS NOTE: Please be aware that this is just MY opinion & that what worked for me, may not work for everyone. 

Some days, I wake up ready to take on the day like I'm Wonder Woman. And then others, well, I just wonder how I'm going to get through the day. Something that you may not know about me is that I do actually suffer from anxiety; I just don't talk about it that much. Probably because it usually only rears it's ugly head at nighttime when I'm trying to fall asleep. Good times.


Actual footage of my mind whilst trying to fall asleep.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have spent lying awake ALL NIGHT LONG because as soon as I would start to fall asleep, my mind and body would be like, "NOPE!" Although a little frightening at first, the feeling itself is pretty outrageous. It felt like my legs were going numb, and then I would start to feel like I was in an entirely different world. BIZARRE! I would literally wake my husband up to and make him rub my back in order for me to sort of calm to f*ck down and finally fall asleep. Good times. 

I am soooo against taking prescription medicine and I definitely feel like it is pushed on people way too easily. "Oh, you're feeling anxious? Ok, here's some Xanax!" Not, "OK, you're feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Let's TALK about what the issues are and then take the appropriate steps." So, of course, I did the next best thing: Google. I Googled "All Natural Ways" to fight anxiety and A LOT actually popped up. The first thing it said was to make sure I reassure myself that I am not actually dying, it just feels like your heart is ready to explode out of your body. It really won't though I promise. 

The second thing I found that was interesting was a vitamin that I could buy right from WholeFoods called B12 Complex (it's a tad different from the normal B12 we all love for the extra boost of energy!) It works to help calm your nerves down, without giving you any of those unwanted side effects such as becoming addicted to them. It worked for me, but I definitely needed something more to help calm my mind and relax me a bit. I'm a little high-strung. No shame in my game. 

The next thing I did was finally make time for myself. When I was younger and didn't have to work so damn much, (God - I miss those days **insert sad face here**), I was going to the gym almost every day and was in the best shape of my life. I was also happier and never suffered an anxiety attack before. See where I'm headed here? 

In order to "de-clutter" your mind and feel your best all over (not just physically, but mentally as well), you need to get moving and devote some time to working out. I'm not saying you need to hit the gym every day and spend hours and hours there, let's not get crazy. BUT at least an hour once a day or a few times a week has REALLY helped me a lot! 



Not only am I seeing the physical results (hello, California vacation) but I'm also feeling better mentally as well. I'm able to fall asleep with ease at night and I wake up feeling amazing too. I try to get to the gym 4 times a week and I workout (hardcore, bro) for an hour each time. On the days that I'm not at the gym, those are my "off days," but I still make the time to go for a run after work. Honestly, the best way (for me at least) to unwind after a long day at work, is to just put on those headphones, blast some N'Sync radio on Pandora and get my run on. 

Another change I made that has helped is eating healthier. Granted, I'm not one to binge eat and I really am not a fan of dessert type foods or even eating fast food, but if Taco Bell invited me to live in their kitchen, I probably wouldn't say no. NOW... it's more steamed veggies, lean proteins (mainly chicken and fish. I'm not too fond of red meat), fruits, steel-cut oats in the morning, and lots of water in between.

The next step on my list of 'toxic things to cut out of my life' is alcohol. Yes, friends, you read that correctly. I am actually going to challenge myself to do what is called a "dry month" and not consume an ounce of alcohol. **Now let's really cue the sad face. The one with the obnoxious Kim Kardashian type tears.** 

I'm not trying to say in any way or form that I 'abuse' alcohol, BUT when I do drink, I drink with intent & I think it would be nice to have a clear sober mind for a bit. I will miss my Moscato and Mimosa's though. 

So you see my friends, kicking anxieties ass can be done. The first thing you need to do is realize it is an issue and it's not something to be taken lightly. I am very thankful that mine isn't as crucial as some other people, but hopefully, this will fall into the hands of someone who is looking for that next step. Good luck loves, and when all else fails... just remember to BREATHE! 





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